Animal Massage Therapy

Massage can help your pet’s physical and mental health by:

  • Increasing their circulation and helping eliminate toxins and wastes from their bodies.
  • Improving their joint flexibility and muscle tone, which can be very beneficial to older animals, those with active lives such as performance animals. Massage is very popular with agility dogs and sport horses.
  • Improving the condition of their skin, coat, gums, and teeth.
  • Improving their attitude and ability to focus, which can affect behavior, training, and performance.

Massage therapy for animals can help with behavior and temperament problems by:

  • Gaining their trust through the act of being touched.
  • Calming down a nervous or hyper pet.
  • Helping a shy or submissive pet feel more secure.
  • Relaxing an aggressive or dominant pet.

To schedule a session with your pet, please contact Marcelino at:

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