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What service can you provide? Services for Bunkhouse Retreats and Workshops can vary greatly, as will the ‘love donations’ collected, level of effort and your popularity.

The Organizer will contact you direct with date/time and needs. If you require special accommodations, let TheBunkhouse staff know. All donations and tips are YOURS.

If desired, website will post your profile on its website so that each Organizer will have a good idea who you are and what to expect from you. You can put a picture on your profile, definitions of your art, your experience, etc.

Examples of Services:

| | Yoga, Reiki, Tai Chi
| | Inspirational / Motivational Speaker
| | Past Life Regression
| | Chakra Cleansing
| | Aura / Card readings
| | Healing massages
| | Guest Speaker (painting, writing, etc.)
| | Musician entertainment (drum, flute, etc)
| | Herb care and healing properties
| | Chauffeur from LV or to Death Valley, etc.
| | Go-for: pick up needed items in town
| | Cater or Cook

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