Hikes in the area.

Spring Mountain National Recreation Area (SMNRA) Kyle Canyon Visitors Center 702.872.6891  www.fs.fed.us/r4/htnf/districts/smnra

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This region includes Carpenter Canyon, Trout Canyon and Wheeler Springs Pass, all accessible from Pahrump. The mountains provide a forested, spring-fed oasis in the Mojave Deser, a haven for wildlife, a cool retreat for visitors, a storehouse of forest resources, and a vital watershed fed by numerous springs. Charleston Peak is the corn jewel of the mountain range–rising to 11,918 feet; the only peak in southern nevada that rises above timberline.

In the summer explore historic sites and enjoy hunting, mountain bike riding, packpacking, horseback riding, rock climbing, and primitive camping.


Carpenter canyon

trout canyon

ash meadows

Wheeler Springs Pass