Perseids Meteors

Woke up around 3:30 a.m. and decided to head on up to the Bunkhouse steps to see if I could see any of the Perseids meteors. WOW! Even though the moon and a few planets were extremely bright, if you stared at the sky you could catch the fast-moving, very bright comets streaking here and […]

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Psychic Workshop

We had our second session of the 4-week Psychic Bootcamp with Gregory Kompes and the Three Sisters. This week we did an exercise in attempting to ‘read’ other participants in the group. It was quite interesting. If I closed my eyes and visualized the person, I could sometimes ‘hear’ words and other times ‘see’ pictures. […]

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Divine Feminine

Catherine Ann conducted a workshop on the Voice of the Magdelyn’s. Very informative.  

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Bunkhouse Blessing

We did a drumming ceremony and some chanting the day of the Bunkhouse Blessing. Great turnout of friends and neighbors. Great way to celebrate major construction completion!  

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