The role of the Organizer is to gather a group of 5-12 people with like-minded interests, to spend the weekend or week at the Bunkhouse.

The Organizer is responsible for the behavior of his/her group, the collection of all ‘love donations,’ printing of workshop material, and the creation of an itinerary including food and drinks.  The Bunkhouse is responsible for lodging and facilities, and charges for those services.

Service Providers listed on this website offer a variety services that can help the Organizer put together a very successful weekend agenda.

Examples of Weekend Retreats:

Writer’s Workshop
Teacher’s Getaway Weekend
Corporate Team Building
Bike Riders Paradise
Rest & Relaxation
Learn to cook Vegetarian
Painting in the Desert
Yoga under the Stars
Book Club …. On and on

If you would like to organize a retreat or workshop event, please complete the form below. I will get back to you as soon as possible. ~ kathy

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