Bunkhouse – Meditation cubes

The upper level of the barn-shaped Bunkhouse has been turned into feng shui meditation quarters that hosts 6-8 people. Semi-private ‘meditation cubes’ are decorated with healing colors indicative of the direction they are facing:

North. Color: blue or black. Planet: Mercury. Healing: kidney, urinary, bladder, ears, bones. The color blue is an energy color. It is calm and soothing. It reflects love and creates a feeling of peace and trust. The color of the sea and sky, it is associated with adventure and exploration. Navy blue denotes intellect and wisdom.

South. Color: red. Planet: Mars. Healing: tongue, heart/pericardium, small intestines. Red is nourishing to your lower back pain, sciatica, varicose veins, rectal tumors, depression, immune related disorders, mental and emotional issues, self esteem and social problems.

East. Color: greens and browns. Planet: Jupiter. Healing: liver, heart. Green is nourishing to your health as it calms nerves and balances whole body by bringing healing vibrations from mother nature.

West. Color: white, grey. Planet: Venus. Healing: skin, mucus, nose. White is whimsical and a great color for creativity. It brings qualities of sharpness, precision, clarity and efficiency.

The large room is presided over by the goddess of mercy and compassion, Quan Yin. This divine female is the beloved goddess to over a billion people. Through great love and sacrifice she earned the right to enter Nirvana after death, however, while standing before the gates of Paradise she heard cries of anguish from the earth below. Turning back to earth, she renounced her reward of eternal bliss, but instead found immortality in the hearts of the suffering. Her name signifies her compassionate nature, literally meaning “One who hears the cries of the world.”