The Bunkhouse

The Bunkhouse is small, private retreat located in the heart of Pahrump Valley, a highland desert nestled between the Spring Mountains of southern Nevada and California’s Death Valley mountains. Folks here are attracted to a quiet lifestyle with plenty of open spaces, colorful sunsets, night-time views of the Milky Way, and clean air and water.

Parhump Valley is several degrees cooler than its famous neighbor, Las Vegas. Maximum temperatures are about the same, but we have a greater range of temperatures, later spring seasons and earlier fall frosts. Evenings can be quite cool, so bring a cover-up.

Early inhabitants came to here about 10,000 years ago when Pahrump valley was a very large lake, surrounded by juniper and pinon pines. The climate was cooler and wetter. Occupants were nomadic hunters and gatherers moving from the valley floors to mountains with changing seasons. Native American occupants included the Anasazi from southern Utah, Hopi from northern Arizona, Pueble from northern New Mexico and more recently the Paiutes from southern California.

It is thought the name Pah-rump was derived from the Paiute ‘Pah (water)-rimpi (stone). Others in the valley don’t think the word Pahrump means a darn thing. It’s just how early settlers referred to the Paiute Indians at Pahrump Springs. Chief Tecopa is the most famous southern Paiute from these parts. There are quite a few stories about Chief Tecopa and the wild west. You can visit our history museum and Chief Tecopa’s grave when you come to visit The Bunkhouse.

The Bed & Breakfast-style guest room is the perfect place to start or finish your novel. Your private porch overlooks the meditation path, a myriad of rose bushes and the magnificent Mt. Charleston. You can’t get more inspiration than that!

You can camp-out, or spend a night in a feng shui decorated cot-cube, or sleep under the stars. See if you can spot Orien’s belt, and watch the planets align in the night sky (two are already waiting for December 21st).

The Bunkhouse is open to nature-lovers, campers, hikers, bike riders, and those in need of spiritual and physical healing. It’s a quiet place at the southern edge of town with a view of Mt. Charleston that makes you go “aahhhhh.” We’re not open to the general public. You’ll need an Organizer (or be an Organizer) to join us for a weekend or week.

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